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The Body Shop

The story of Sandra and The Body Shop

The Body Shop Ltd. was founded by Anita Roddick in the 1970s as a cosmetics company with a human rights and environmental profile. The Body Shop engages actively against animal testing and the products are always based on natural ingredients.

Sandra Planeta, founder of Planeta Design, is behind much of the successful packaging of The Body Shop. Before starting up her own design agency, Sandra was head of global packaging division for five years at the company. Her work for The Body Shop brand spans all areas from brand strategy to product segmentation, material selection and standardization, core brand image including logo, typography, visual guidelines etc.

Working with complex solutions including multi-language markets, parallel product ranges and advanced pricing strategies require experience. It typically calls for a systems approach to the area of design and product communication. All this has brought an in-depth knowledge and understanding for complex in-house processes and operations to the team at Planeta Design.

Now we are thrilled to be part of a team launching a new special range of products for spring / summer 2012 where we developed the packaging concept.