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One product, many markets

Adding a lifestyle attitude to ergonomics

The Penclic mouse is an innovative way to navigate the computer screen. This smart pointing device was initially developed to alleviate problems e.g. mouse arm syndrome (RSI) caused by traditional computer mice.

Penclic came to us with a very clear ambition. They needed to re-position their product out of health care dullness and into cool technology. The pen itself was awesome, obviously, but it needed to be redressed to reach a new audience.

With one target group of professionals that demand precision in their work and another consisting of just about everyone tired of the old way of doing things, the product had to be presented in a way that spoke to a professional/functional as well as aesthetic/curious mindset. In other words, we had to come up with a solution that really set Penclic apart from competitors right there on the shelf. We created a completely new brand identity including logo, packaging, web, brochures etc.

Soon after launch, the new brand identity and packaging has received appraisal in every business fair it has appeared at. There seems, finally, to be a growing understanding that there is no conflict between stylish looks and superb performance.