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Setting the standard

Capturing the soul of golf at PGA of Sweden National

The idea was grand. To build a truly outstanding golf course worthy of the Professional Golf Association high international standards: a PGA of Sweden National. Legendary architect Kyle Phillips designed it, former golf pro Ove Sellberg runs it. It took more than a decade to complete and as it was taking its final shape, Planeta Design was asked to interpret the grand ideas of these visionaries and implement it throughout these fine recreational grounds. The project- to develop a complete brand identity for the establishment.

The PGA of Sweden National is conceptual to the bone. This is the benefit of building something from scratch - you get to design everything down to the last little sign. But if you're dealing with a premium brand in a classic sport there's always the risk of overdoing it. Together, we developed an acutely-resonant sense of smell to the fine nuances of classic golf. Any cheating would be immediately noticed by the distinguished guests and the consequences disastrous.

Every detail from restaurant napkins and room keys to tee signs and green flags had to carry the same air of golf history in a modern setting. Web page, score cards... everything had to be made with the best images and materials to create the right inspiration for staff and guests.

The PGA of Sweden National has received massive media attention and has become something of a benchmark for great golf destinations.