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Peak Performance

Est 1986, Åre, Sweden

It started off with a packaging project for in-store material but grew into something much bigger. Our collaboration with Peak Performance started in the spring 2012 and the intensity has only increased through out the year and lead to several other equally inspiring and challenging projects. Most of them are not "out and about" just yet, so more pictures and information will follow as soon as they go live.

Anyways, Peak Performance is a fantastic client to work with. With constant energy and a high pace they offer both active and casual collections 4 times a year in approximately 20 markets. Since the start in Åre in 1986, skiwear has always been their core business, and it still is, only now the collections are wider and bigger covering several other outdoor sports such as golf, hiking, climbing, and running, etc. as well.

Check back soon to be updated on the latest!