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  • Client Svenskt tenn

    sep 6th | 2016

    just launched!

    Svenskt Tenn launches new website signed Planeta Design

    Today Svenskt Tenn launches a new website with focus on content and e-commerce. Planeta Design got the extensive task of developing a digital world that will reflect the store on Strandvägen 5.

    - We wanted to create a relevant platform by building a digital room that can be easily rearranged and developed. Together with Svenskt Tenn, we have created a world where inspiration, brand and product communication goes hand in hand, says Sandra at Planeta.

    The goal has been to create a room for interaction, where visitors can take part of Svenskt Tenns world and extend the stories of exhibitions, highlighting the ongoing projects, initiatives and more. has become a inspiration online store with a pace and flow that harmonize with the brand and todays digital behavior.


    Special thanks to: Thommy.Bindefeld, Catarina Tagebjer, Peter Bolinder, Carin Nilsson, Lisa Licheri, Elin Bergqvist at Svenskt Tenn. Net Relation, Roland Persson, Mikael Beckman, Brian Predstrup, Artyvision and my fab team at Planeta!


  • Client Dirty linen

    aug 29th | 2016

    Dirty mind with a clean conscience

    Dirty Linen's Natural Linen

    Linen is timeless...yeah...Here are some more tangible facts for you; our Natural Linen collection is grown locally in Europe with minimal environmental impact regarding pesticides, fertilizers and water usage, and processed through dew retting which is the most sustainable method to turn flax plants into linen fabric. And as if this wasn't enough, the fibre is recyclable and can eventually biodegrade. Now you can finally pair your dirty mind with a clean conscience.

  • NEW Client Fortum

    aug 29th | 2016

    Green data hubs

    Fortum Värme

    Data centers consume large amounts of energy and the global IT market currently accounts for as high greenhouse gas emissions as the entire airline industry. Fortum Värme have developed an innovation for sustainable heat recovery and in cooperation with Stockholm stad, Ellevio and Stokab they offer a unique green solution for data centers in Stockholm.

    At Planeta we are proud to be involved in this important project. We create brand platform and communication for the initiative.


  • aug 25th | 2016

    Planetas in archipelago and wilderness!

    The dream team

    The Planeta team had inspiration and workshops at a beautiful island outside Svartlöga in the Swedish archipelago! A lot of work, some fishing and one or two dips in the cold Baltic sea gave us a lot of energi.

  • NEW Client hästens

    aug 3rd | 2016

    Sleep sound with Hästens


    Today you can find Hästens ultra comfortable, hand crafted and non-toxic beds on 40 markets. They offer a range of beds from the basic Classic to the Vividus, the most exclusive bed in the world. 210 kilos of natural materials. 320 man hours of craft. It is made by a team of their most experienced craftsmen who specialise in one single task in the Vividus atelier.

    Now we are working together with Hästens to develop the brand and product communication. Passion for sleep!

  • Client Snazaroo

    maj 11th | 2016

    Party preparations!


    In the spring we have been busy creating designs, assets, banners, face paints, films and packages for Easter, the Olympics and we have prepared a lot of scary things for Halloween, so get ready!

  • Client Dirty linen + whyred

    feb 18th | 2016


    In bed with Dirty Linen and Whyred

    Insomnia is a collaboration between fashion brand Whyred and bed linen brand Dirty Linen. Fusing Whyred's play on conventions and bold graphic prints with Dirty Linen's sartorial and tongue-in-cheek approach to bed linen has created a unique limited edition bed linen collection.
    The collection consist of printed full linen duvet cover sets and hand-made bedspreads crafted by using innovative techniques.

  • Svenskt tenn exhibition As if by chance

    feb 8th | 2016

    As if by chance

    Svenskt Tenn- Stockholm Furniture Fair

    In occasion of Stockholm Furniture Fair, Svenskt Tenn is presenting their exhibition "As if by chance" a contemporary room setting inspired by Josef Frank´s accidentalism. The people behind it is architects Mikael Bergquist and Olof Michélsen and the exhibition is open from 8th of February and can be seen at Svenskt Tenns store at Strandvägen 5.
    Planeta design is proud of being part of this by creating the exhibitions communication, which off course is influenced of accidentalism.

  • new client Blankens

    feb 5th | 2016


    Candy for your feet

    We welcome a new collaboration with the talented and to die for shoe brand Blankens. The LA based Swede, Cecilia Blankens, does not only make shoes that are candy for your eyes, they are also made with high level of quality and built on core values to be sustainable and have the smallest possible environmental impact.

    Go Blankens, a shoe brand right in time! 

    Check out the release of some new shoes today Friday the 5th on

  • Guldägget jury duty

    feb 3rd | 2016

    Easter brings golden eggs”


    In time for Easter, another jury duty is waiting for our one and only CD Sandra Planeta. This time in the prestigious competition Guldägget (The Golden Egg Award). Guldägget is a great way to raise the level of creative standard in the industry of Swedish communication and


    Sandra salute the sparkling personality´s in this years jury group. 

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