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  • Client Svenskt Tenn

    sep 5th | 2014

    The magazine

    Svenskt Tenn since 1924

    Here it is, the magazine we have designed for Svenskt Tenn's 90 year anniversary!

    We created a magazine that illustrates Svenskt Tenn's fantastic work for Swedish quality craftsmanship and their imprint on contemporary design. The magazine highlights the amazing crafts that has been created over the years, and despite Svenskt Tenn's advanced age, they have never been as modern as today.

    Yet again, we are really proud and happy to have been included in this project and thanks to everyone who has been involved. Hope you stop by Strandvägen 5 to have a look at it, or buy it!

  • Client Svenskt Tenn

    sep 3rd | 2014

    Svenskt Tenn since 1924 - magazine launch

    Finally the day is here

    Finally the day has come when we launch the magazine for Svenskt Tenn's 90 year anniversary. The invitations are out and tonight we are going to celebrate!

    We want to show our gratitude to the working team behind the project going, they have really put the extra mile to create this book.

    A huge THANK YOU to: Thommy Bindefeld, Annika Kvint, Emil Larsson, Roland Persson, Erik Wikström, Mikeal Beckman, Tobias regell Karin Södergren och Mats Gustafson.

  • Client Dirty Linen

    sep 3rd | 2014

    The rumors are true!

    It's all in the dirty details

    The naugthy rumors that Dirty Linen is launching a new collection for the autumn/winter are true, and we have been working really hard to make sure you will love it.

    We chose to work with details such as buttons, embroidery and tags, and can assure you that the new collection is playful and dirty as always.

    Hope we see you in bed!

  • Client Svenskt Tenn

    aug 5th | 2014

    A revisit to Mexico!

    exhibition graphic made by us

    The latest exhibition from Svenskt Tenn is inspired from their founder Estrid Ericson's trip to Mexico in 1939, and the items she brought back from the trip.

    Estrid loved to pick up shapes, patterns and objects from other cultures, and in the same way as Estrid saw beauty in the everyday products, we used this inspiration for the exhibition design that included invitation, window decoration and exhibition graphics.

    We hope you stop by Strandvägen 5 before August 17th to be inspired, or just dream away to Mexico for a while!

  • Hired Evelina Claesson

    jun 10th | 2014

    Finally Evelina!

    Say hi to our new designer

    After years of hard work Evelina finally graduated from Konstfack "Graphic Design & Illustration" and will join the Planeta team full time. Over the past years we have had the honor to have Evelina working for us when she could fit us in, but now we can finally enjoy her company and skills day in and day out.

    Welcome Evelina. 

  • apr 23th | 2014

    we're hiring

    Extraordinary project manager wanted!

    We are looking for a new talented project manager to join the Planeta team starting from July. Initially this is a temporary position to cover for Anna as she is going on maternity leave in September, but the goal is to keep this person on board for longer term.

    Se PDF for more details.

    Feel free to give us a call or drop us an email if any questions!

  • Client Svenskt Tenn

    apr 14th | 2014

    Sobert & Elegant

    Our most recent work for Svenskt Tenn

    "Sobert & Elegant" is the name of the exhibition that runs at Strandvägen 5 until 1st of June. The exhibition is very classic and clearly shows that the style of Estrid Ericsson works just as well today as 50 years ago.

    Pop by Strandvägen 5 if you get a chance!

    Campaign identity made by us!

  • Client Svenskt Tenn

    mar 21th | 2014

    "Månadens Design"

    "Design of the Month" from Resume

    I am very proud today! We won the contest "Design of the month" by Resumé with our Christmas campaign for Svenskt Tenn and Dirty Linen got the sixth place in the same category!

    And i must say -very nice words of the jury!

    Thank you!

    / Sandra Planeta

  • Christmas Invitation

    Client Svenskt Tenn

    nov 25th | 2013

    Christmas at Svenskt Tenn

    - A thing of beauty is a joy forever.

    A thing of beauty is a joy for ever:
    Its loveliness increases; it will never
    Pass into nothingness; but still will keep
    A bower quiet for us, and a sleep
    Full of sweet dreams, and health, and quiet breathing....

    Visit Svenskt Tenn's legendaric Christmas shop here or stop by at Strandvägen 5, Stockholm.

  • Client SOS barnbyar

    nov 27th | 2013

    SOS Barnbyar

    Christmas Campaign 2013

    Earlier this year we were asked to develop a Christmas campaign for SOS Barnbyar under the theme "Not one child should have to be alone". The purpose with the campaign is to engage people and encourage everyone to take good care of our loved ones and fight together for making the world better place for orphan children.

    The campaign was launched earlier in November. A giftable matchbox is the centrepiece of the campaign and will be sold at Apoteket AB. The price for the matchbox is 29 sek, where 20 sek goes direct to support SOS Barnbyars work.

    To support SOS Barnbyar and to buy Christmas gifts with a great purpose click here.

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