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  • Frida Backman

    nov 10th | 2015

    Hey Frida!

    Our new project manager

    Frida Backman is our new and very much needed project manager. With her background from headhunting executive leaders in Consumer Goods, FMCG and Retail she's a perfect addition to our team. No heads will roll during Frida´s watch, just good old fashioned order!

  • Petter Hellman and Emelie Sjöblom

    nov 10th | 2015

    Two new interns at Planeta

    Twice the fun!

    It's time again. Say hello to our fresh design students from Forsberg School. Petter, a photographer from Värmland who changed direction and Emelie, immigrated from Dalarna, previously worked as a jeans guru.

    Their going to be with us at Planeta for two months - polishing their design skills.

  • Originalare

    okt 15th | 2015

    Production designer

    Planeta Design

    We are looking for a skilled production designer with experience in lifestyle consumer brands. You should be self-propelled and comfortable in managing both clients and production on a everyday basis. Since most of our clients are international, it is crucial that you can communicate in English.

    Planeta Design is a small and independent firm. We love ambition and we can offer you a creative and warm atmosphere were your ideas and opinions matters.

    We'll be seeing candidates continuously so welcome with your application as soon as possible!

    For more information about this position please contact

    Looking forward to your application!
    Love / Planeta Design

  • Mattias Green & Jonas Cosmo

    okt 15th | 2015

    The universe is expanding

    Welcome Jonas and Mattias!

    We are excited to present two exceptionally talented boys to the Planeta universe.
    Jonas (with the perfectly matched last name) Cosmo has been working on some of Swedens biggest brand agencies for the last ten years, including Essen, Rewir and Silver. At Planeta, Jonas will be working as a design strategist and account manager.

    Mattias got real hands-on experience from creating retail concepts at H&M in Oslo, before attending the Forsbergs School of Design. He will be working as a designer for our growing base of design believing clients.

    Both feet on earth boys, but reach for the stars!

  • Design Jury President – eurobest

    aug 21th | 2015

    Hello. Goodbye.

    When the cat's away…

    It feels like yesterday we got her back from judging the Design category in Cannes Lion, and now she’s leaving us again. This time as the Jury President of the Design category in Eurobest. Needless to say that we’re more than proud, but when the cat's away…

    Enjoy Antwerpen Sandra, (mi)auf Wiedersehen!

  • Produktionsledare

    aug 10th | 2015


    planeta design

    We are in this business because we love working with brands that are equally committed about what they do as we are. Our focus area and expertise lies in lifestyle consumer brands and we know what triggers that emotional spark making your brand both desirable and profitable. The Planeta family is a loveable bunch of passionate designers, as curious as we are meticulous, and all with the common belief in the Power of Design.

    Now we need yet another fearless and creative member to our family. This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone who's up for a challenge. With clients from all across the globe it is of great importance that you talk and write English with ease (and also Swedish of course), but other than that, we would love to be convinced that YOU are the one. In the role as production manager you'll be working closely with our team, keeping all projects, both client based and internal, on time and on budget, or better...

    As Planeta Design is a small and independent firm, you really need to be self-propelled, keeping up with both the tempo and the many different tasks on your agenda. We love ambition and we can offer you a creative and warm atmosphere were your ideas and opinions matters.

    We'll be seeing candidates continuously so welcome with your application as soon as possible!

    For more information about this position please contact 

    Looking forward to your application! 

    Love / Planeta Design

  • dirty linen

    aug 19th | 2015



    Towels are about as intimate as you can get. Swath your skin with Dirty Linens new ultra soft, premium quality terrycloth towels. Style cue: stick to a colour palette and mix-and-match the contrasting statement seams. Although we're strong believers in sharing is caring, we may just have solved the infinite struggle with your shower-buddy over towel ownership.

  • maja larsson

    aug 19th | 2015

    From Broby with love.

    Welcome Maja!

    This eager student from Broby Grafiska will be staying with us for the next two months. Maja is a devoted graphic designer, and we're thrilled that she chosen us for her internship.

  • Veronika Larsson

    aug 10th | 2015

    Say hi and hello to Veronika!

    our new designer

    A much needed new friend just arrived to us! Say hi and hello to Veronika, fresh off the Beckmans College of Design and our new designer.
    Veronika is an excellent illustrator and a great addition to our growing team of believers in the Power of Design.

  • are you the one?

    maj 26th | 2015

    Nu söker vi förstärkning!

    heltid - grafisk designer

    Vi på Planeta Design jobbar med många olika typer av produkter och varumärken men vårt fokus ligger inom lifestyle, sport, mode, skönhet, dryck och mat. Därför är det viktigt att du har ett brett visuellt uttryck och känner dig trygg i att arbeta med allt från varumärkesutveckling till förpackningsdesign. För att vara rätt för oss måste du vara kreativ, strukturerad, självgående och ha ett gott öga för detaljer och typografi. Ett plus är om du har lätt till skratt och glimten i ögat.

    • Behärskar framtagning av koncept till tryckfärdigt original.

    • Visuellt driven och stark i typografi.

    • Är flytande i engelska, både tal och skrift.

    • Grym junior eller midweight designer

    Ansökan: Skicka CV och några korta beskrivande ord om dig och lägg ett utdrag av din portfolio i vår "portfolio-mall" (ladda ner här). Max en A4.
    Till senast 15 juni.

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