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Clean approach to complex deals

An odd bird in the bunch

Mengus is a private equity firm dealing in commercial real estate. This is banking and business land with all its conventions and habits. But the Mengus group is different. Although well established on the market, they represent a fresh approach to the world of big numbers and handshakes.

We were asked to identify the brand personality and implement it in Mengus communicative digital interfaces. The challenge of identifying and designing a brand identity for a highly specialized niche player in a strictly business to business environment is obviously very different from redesigning, say, a retail store downtown.

Together we decided to focus on the people. This is, after all, the company and literally the faces towards the market. Along with timeless symbols for a personally engaged business partner, we were able to capture the unique character of Mengus and what they are all about.

Who said you can't look great and do very serious investment management at the same time?