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Cheap is not an offer

The power of small, but smart changes

Lindex is one of Europe's largest fashion retailers with some 350 stores. A highly professional chain at that level needs to pay extreme attention to the exposure of goods in the stores both off- and online. Pricing is key, obviously, but prices can be communicated in so many ways.

We were invited by BAS Brand Identity to jointly develop a core communication platform for Lindex retail and implement it across stores. But Lindex wanted more. They needed to raise the sense of fashion to face up to competition. Everything had to be fresh and up to date.

Using the beautiful photography of Pelle Bergström together with new typographic expressions, the team was able to fill the brand with a higher degree of fashion. And it could be easily applied to in-store navigation, graphics, hang tags, price communication etc.

By putting more effort into design details, a garment can go from "cheap" to "great offer" in the minds of customers. In the end, it's all about appreciating the value of your own products and sharing that feeling with your clients. A deal that everyone benefits from.

Again we are reminded that a price is more than just a number.