Project Packaging Photo Pelle Bergström

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From nowhere to Vogue

Positioning a newcomer on a competitive market

Of all the new brands in the world of skincare, Kimia is one of the most exciting. They make all-natural skincare products for women who appreciate the idea of nature's own healing abilities.

We were called in to define the contours of the brand and to create fabulous packaging that stands out (which is no simple task as realized by anyone who ever visited the perfume section of a high end department store).

Among Kimia's products are light sensitive oils that require careful consideration when packaged as to avoid oozing and to keep their superb qualities intact. Fortunately, at Planeta we had extensive experience of dealing with such challenges. But great contents alone will get you nowhere if the products get lost on display.

As an unknown brand with no history to fall back onto, Kimia's had to fight it out on the shelves. The packaging was crucial. It was important to give Kimia a premium quality while at the same time avoiding a battle with the top of mind competitors.

The results were tons of press including attention in Vogue magazine.