Project brand image and gift wrapping Photo Pelle Bergström & Kristofer Samuelsson

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Soft to the skin, thrilling to the bone

Launching a lingerie brand in style

Katarina Nyman is a premium brand in lingerie with a romantic yet edgy twist. When we first met Katarina, her brand was facing a new era and needed a re-positioning, to attract a more high-end market. In addition, it had to be equipped with tools that enabled it to communicate independently of its founder, Katarina Nyman herself.

Everything worked out great when Katarina got to sell her creations in her own shop. The problem was that she rarely had time to do that anymore. Consequently, the goal was to make the products speak for themselves and let their appearance carry the brand.

We were asked to give the brand a new identity that was in line with the quality and tastefulness of these fine garments. And presenting superb lingerie is not like selling a car or a soft drink. Katarina was on to something quite wonderful and our mission was to capture its essence.

Together we got all the essentials in order: web page, business card, gift box, product labeling, hang tags, brand images etc. Now the brand is fully functional outside the physical boutique. And it doesn't stop there. A new toiletry line by Katarina Nyman was introduced right before Christmas of 2011, with packaging design made by Planeta Design.

Katarina Nyman is the perfect example of a company in the process of making the leap to becoming a mature brand. We enjoy being there for Katarina and her team and helping make things happen.