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Famous Dutch Hema goes abroad

Hema is the Mark & Spencer's of the Netherlands, only more appreciated. They sell everything you could possibly desire in everyday life. As immensely successful Hema decided to go for the international markets for commodities, they turned to Planeta Design.
The Hema case is a perfect example where our skills as a design agency are put to the test. A retail chain of this size is acutely dependent on smart solutions when it comes to categorizing products, implementing price strategies, launching new ranges etc. It is also an environment where every item has to do all the sales work by itself, sitting on its shelf trying its best to make an impression on passers-by.

In a strong successful collaboration with the experienced Hema team we have completed work in different product segments:

  • Range strategy and product communication/labeling for women's, men's teens and kids' underwear.
  • Packaging strategy for "personal care" including packaging design for body care and women's hygiene.
  • Product labeling for denim.

We, as well as Hema themselves, believe that good prices and family deals can - and should - look great. In a world of similar if not identical contents, clean and consistent design makes a huge difference. For customers and for retail chains. If signs are friendly, messages clear and in-store logic understandable these things can also look a little better than we have become used to.

We like the thought of being part of making that difference with one of the best known brands in Europe.