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Hotels are people, too

Care of Hotels is a boutique group of hotels with outstanding properties that carry the stories of a glorious past. In the hands of c/o Hotels these landmarks have been turned into premium destinations for people looking for more than just a place to stay.

Planeta Design's ongoing assignment is to create design that flirts with that eccentric taste that characterizes the brand. Few hotels put so much quirkiness and personality into their brand. The challenge is to embrace each location's own unique identity while keeping together the strong brand of c/o Hotels among different destinations. Obviously, there is money to be saved by doing smart things that work for more than one hotel in the group. But never at the expense of a hotel's own personality!

Since 2007 we have produced quite a bit of different things for c/o Hotels such as: logotypes, shoe horns, bags, umbrellas, gift cards, maps, menus, tea boxes, ads, posters, brochures, direct mails, dog poop bags (!), the bust of the Swedish wine connoisseur Carl-Jan, loads of signs with crazy stories from the past and more.

We are proud to co-create the corporate identity of a brand that feels more like a person than a hotel. A person you really like.