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Making things that last

Reshaping a legendary brand for the future

BRIO, the world's largest manufacturer of wooden toys, is a Swedish super brand when it comes to likability. Generations have grown up playing with the classic toys and the concept of robustness and simplicity has developed further into prams and more for modern families. The product lines of Brio are divided into three areas: To Play, To Go and To Be.

To Play is BRIO's core business. We created the packaging concept for the new product range "My very first", soft toys aimed for kids between 0 and 1,5 years. To be successful, the range had to be giftable i.e. easy to give away as a present, but at the same time, safe, simple and cost efficient.

To Be is the name of BRIO's line of furniture. That means larger packages and boxes. We needed to create a packaging concept that would ship effectively and provide all the information required by warehouse staff and still look great in a store for the end consumer. The solution was to produce a flexible labeling system that was friendly to logistics.

To Go is about prams and their accessories. This is a rapidly growing field of business, which turned out to be largely underdeveloped as far as branding and packaging goes. Innovative and clean packaging of goods can really make a difference for the customer experience and a lot of brands tend to neglect that every expose of a brand affects its total image. In this segment, safety is key and information vast with country regulations, laundry advise, maintenance instructions etc. The insight and understating of the power of branding from BRIO made this to one of our most exciting project over time.

At Planeta Design we were privileged to work in close collaboration with teams throughout the BRIO organisation including corporate management, marketing, product developers and production engineers.