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Iconic brand goes to lunch

Asian take away will never be the same

Berns Salonger is a classic dining and entertainment establishment in Stockholm. This is where Strindberg used to hang out. Frank Sinatra and Louis Armstrong came here. But it's also one of those rare places that manages to attract every new generation of the right clientele. Berns Asiatiska is their restaurant with Asian inspired tastes.

Planeta Design was invited to enhance the take away experience of Berns Asiatiska.

In short, we were asked to deliver something that would take all the spacious luxury of the mythical dining halls of Berns and send them along with people's lunch boxes. They needed a packaging solution that would not only keep the exquisite foods fresh and presentable, it also had to turn some eyes and make customers wish they came to the restaurant more often.

Food container, advertising, brand image and subtle beauty in one bag. We loved this brief.

The result was a range of neat little boxes and bags. They were crafted to be non leaking, quickly foldable, easily storable and, of course, communicate the air of classy cuisine. Berns may be legendary but it's never stiff. Only confidently outspoken. In the end we arrived at a design that makes take away food feel like an exclusive gift.