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Affordable Art Fair

Affordable Art Fair comes to Stockholm!

Affordable Art Fair was first launched in 1999 in Battersea Park in London. Now, 13 years later the fair yearly takes place in 15 locations: Amsterdam, Bristol, Brussels, New York, Milan, London, Los Angeles, Singapore, Hamburg, Mexico City, Rome, Seattle, Stockholm and Delhi, along with an affiliate event in Melbourne.  Globally, over 1 million people have visited an Affordable Art Fair somewhere in the world.

In October 2012 the fair has made its way to Stockholm, and Planeta Design was approached to create the campaign communication in and around the fair. The main challenge was to drive traffic to the fair, and find smart, fun and friendly ways to approach people to go.  And we totally went for it!

The campaign is called "Let's fall in art" and the message is as clear and straightforward as it seams.  Bold colors and typography work closely together the spread the love of art.

The campaign includes; advertising, posters, banners, signage, invitations, iPhone app, to mention a few units.